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Talim WG by ButLova
by ButLova

Okay as my first critique I'll try my best to get to the point. The artwork is very good and the shading is really nice. Although her a...


The full moon illuminates the street below and catching the sight of three people, all who seem to be in costume. A high pitched, excitable purring could be heard coming from an excitable Marisa Pussigal. She was extremely excited to meet up with one of her old friends that she hasn't seen in a long while. Donned in a near skimpy Female Link costume, she skipped along the pathway with a wide grin on her face.
"My god Marisa. Can you slow the hell down??"
"Nuh-Uh Ness! I haven't seen Elise in, like, EVER!!"
"Neither have I but SLOW DOWN!!"
Vanessa Farkond let out a big sigh while dressed as the adorable yet deadly witch, Ashley. Her makeshift ponytails swayed in the wind as her face, much like Ashley's, was completely expressionless.
"Oh come on sis," said a male voice, "At least you don't have to wear this get up."
Enter Kris Farkond, dressed up the Demoman- eyepatch, outfit beer bottle and all- with some of his inu characteristics standing out. However, he still had that Rockin mustache so it was an extremely similar resemblance to some people. All three of them were on their way to the same Halloween bash, with the excitable Neko ahead of the pack.

A while later and they come up to Elise's door. Marisa knocked on the door a couple times then started giggling. A lot. Vanessa could tell that Marisa couldn't contain her excitement that well because as soon as the giggling started, Marisa's butt started to speak up and let itself be known. A couple long yet soft gusts of wind blew from Marisa's skirt and right to the poor neko behind her. And before Vanessa could show her reaction the door opened up to a Zero-Suit Elise.

One of Marisa's long soft gusts reshaped itself to a sharp loud blast as she practically pounced onto Elise.
"Woah. Marisa! Heh. Glad to see your butt at least hasn't changed."
"At least you weren't in point blank range Elise," Vanessa coughed out before entering an even harsher odor. "Ack! Wow it stinks in here."
"Heh. Well I needed someway to pump up these balloons. Spartagirl here just wasn't fast enough with the filling of them." She winked over to one of the other girls dressed up as Princess Peach.
"Oooh." Marisa gawks at Spartagirl and goes over to introduce herself. Vanessa goes over to give Elise a hug while Kris just walks in. He does remember the last time he met Elise, and it wasn't over tea and cookies. He hesitated a bit to greet himself he did so anyway. Although with all the people there one dressed as Luigi started to come up to him and compliment him on his costume. Marisa went straight for the food, which was Catered Taco Bell. She noticed a whole bunch of Quesaritos and proceeded to scarf some of them down. An almost instant stomach gurgling was then heard throughout. Zephyr and Spartaboi ignored the rumble while Kris and Vanessa widened their eyes in shock.
"Oh crap..." they both said in unison. However despite the huge gas bubble in her belly, she still ran around like a Hyper sugar-crazed child. Although in her child-like excitement she spotted a Wii U in the distance with the Newest iteration of Smash Brothers.
"Oh my god they have the new Smash."
Kris quite literally appeared next to her at the sound of those words. "Seriously?! Oh my god! I'm calling dibs on Little Mac!!!"
Marisa giggled to herself, "Hah. Kirby all the way dude."
"We'll see abo-"
Marisa's stomach shut them both up.
"Hold that though."
Marisa grunted and out blasted a near 12 second ripper that blended in with Elise's existing stench. After the fart, she blushed a tad and posed cutesily. "Sorry~"
Vanessa sighed and turned her head to the drink table where she saw Spartagirl. Vanessa grabbed some punch them decided to go over and talk with her. All the while, expertly crop dusting to avoid the attention going to her.

Even after all of this, one thing is certain. These guys definitely are going to make this Halloween Bash a memorable one.
A Moment with Elise's Halloween Bash!
This is part of a challenge I did for :iconsekkaasun: Basically I invited my characters to Elise's Halloween Party and now I get to invite some more people!! And now I'm gonna tag some peeps to write or draw a scene for said party. I'm gonna go with.... :iconthedrifter91: :icon73squiggle: :iconcoffee-vee: and :iconcharredanarchie: below are the instructions given:
The rules are simple: You draw or write a scene for the party! Invite your characters in dressed up in costume, and make them interact with the party! For drawings, if you don't color them, I will later! So don't worry about that. For stories, you don't have to do anything terribly long, keep it short and simple. 2 pages in length maximum (2 pages on Gdocs or Microsoft word. I wont be too strict if you go over a little, though.) The idea is to get everyone to come to the halloween party, so when you've gotten your scene done, chose some friends to invite! Your scene doesnt have to be anything in particular, just taking place at the party interacting with the partygoers somehow. Also, please tag me in your posts. The challenge will continue until friday of next week, so please don't feel like you can't do it because you can't do it today. I hope to see you at the party. :D

Random Non-Journal Update Because I Can. by girlfartlover
Random Non-Journal Update Because I Can.
Honestly, with me being so busy it's hard to make stories and I know you guys know that. However I may on occassion want to give you guys a little something without it being the full fledged product yet. So I'm utilizing DeviantART's facebook mechanic to give you raw snipits of stories that I may or maynot do. Some might not make sense on their own but when the full thing comes together then it will definitely be an eye pleaser....hopefully. :P
Also they're going to be random snipits so I don't spoil the entire fun for everyone. Plus you don't have to read them if you want to be fully surprised by the product. But I'm just giving a bit of options here. Just so I don't have to make a full deviation for a teaser :P
There is a small legend about a very deadly object that when consumed by man can lead to serious....complications. That legend, is the legend of the Killer Red Beans. Almost nobody escapes its wrath unscathed, however it entices many and delivers its subjects a great deal of its treasure almost all at once to which its subjects cannot handle it...however this is the tale of when a couple girls are unaware of the chaos sprung about from the Killer Red Beans!

-To be continued in The Legend of The Killer Red Beans
(I figured since I've been without a story for a long while and since this activity thing exists, I might as well make a sort of teaser with it for an upcoming request story that I am in the works of. :3 I hope all y'all are excited for the finished product. I know I am. (totally not because it leads into that one off thing that you guys voted on >.>) )
OH MY GOD!!!...I JUST realized that I when I was going to plan to do Kris and His Passion Part 8 that I never finished 7....and it's been unfinished for a year now... ^^;
This will be edited as frequently as I should be posting if anything arises. Plus you guys will be notified about any progress in any new stories now...hopefully I'll be able to work a bit on some of them now that my projects are all finished......with lots of homework still raping my time...
There will be another request story, a gift story, a one-off girl fart story, two more request stories and then I go to the next Kris and his Passion. From then on, that is a mystery.

well...Man I can't get around to it because I'm so dang busy....I will definitely get around to it and you have my promise on that, however...I want to be able to give some stories for you guys, partially because I love getting feedback - positive or negative - and seeing you guys enjoy what I do. So I have a couple gift stories planned to which the people are completely unaware I'm making them for them (one of them isn't even on the site anymore). So far I have at least 2 planned and hopefully they should fill a bit of the void between stories. Again...I'm sorry it's taking so long but honestly whatever free time I get I'll try to put into the stories I have. 

To give you guys a hint on the ones I'm planning...

Like a phoenix, once it has fallen, it will rise again and become free. (spoilers it ain't the phoenix wright story as the next gift I'm making. Look after that clause and you'll see what I mean.)
The terror of the killer red beans has only begun...
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I make female fart fetish lit and female fart fanfics and, on rare occasion, pics. If it is not to your liking, you don't have to continue reading.
I'm quite honestly not a good story maker, or at least people tell me I'm good and I don't think that I'm that good ^^;. I just have an immense natural vocabulary even at my age and demographic (stereotypically speaking of course) And if your probably wondering.....its only the female gas and butt that interests the user....possibly chubby girls and burping...but mostly the above mentioned.
Anyway I have my OCs and they're for public use. :) just don't rile them up too much... ;P

Favourite genre of music: Anything I like listening to (however top 3 would to video game music, rock and jazz)
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Favourite video game characters: Phantom R, Amaterasu and Luigi
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Well...that's all I have to say other than join this group. :iconfemalefartstories:

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