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Talim WG by ButLova
by ButLova

Okay as my first critique I'll try my best to get to the point. The artwork is very good and the shading is really nice. Although her a...


Somewhere between 11 and noon today, I shall livestream once again. It'll go on for a long while but not all day. Hope to see you guys there. (Since I'm going to continue brave and stinker 3 from where I left off, i apologize if nobody knows what's going on...except for GrayVII and Squiggle :P )
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Okay guys....I think I need to make something clear that I didn't think I would have to. I've been getting tons of notes about it recently and I feel like now is a good time to address this. 

The roleplaying requests!

Now, keep in mind, I don't hate roleplaying. Hell I used to do a crapton of it years ago and still do a bit now. But with me, the way I work with roleplaying is simple.

1. I will only roleplay when I feel like roleplaying. I don't want to half-ass a roleplay about girls farting if I, at the very least am not giving it my all, if not my most.

2. Do not note me about roleplaying unless I either know you as a good roleplayer, you yourself have decent roleplaying skills, or are a friend of mine that would like to get better. It will most likely default to, "I'm busy," or "I don't feel like roleplaying." Now I don't mind comment rping as much as full on roleplay, but even that'll be a stretch.

3. MAKE SURE YOU YOURSELF ARE AT LEAST DECENT AT ROLEPLAYING!! I don't mean to sound rude, but in the past I've roleplayed with way too many people that were either extremely poor RPers because they had broken english (which might not entirely be their fault) or they would come up with stuff that didn't make any sense or even because they would give a one phrase response that doesn't convey anything to me that I should do something to follow it. I will not name any names, because I'm not a dick. But you should be aware of what you're roleplaying about. 
Now if you don't know how to roleplay, that's fine. I'd rather believe that you don't know how to roleplay well than believing that you know how to roleplay and are not so great about it.

Pretty much any time that I will be okay with roleplay is:

1. If I'm hosting a chat (or possibly streaming)

2. If I made a Q&A of some sort in which the character would be open to viewer suggestion.

3. Obviously when I feel like it.

4. Anytime I feel like announcing it. (which isn't extremely likely to happen)

5. If I specifically tell you to note me about it. (If you're someone who I don't know or isn't that great at roleplaying, don't expect the most positive of respsones)

Now, with all that being said, I'm not trying to deter you from roleplaying with my girls. In fact, I'm all for it. :D It's just that in the past I was really more open about this kind of thing and I was very dissatisfied with the results. So if you have any more questions, feel free to bring them up in the comments or somehow. Either way, I hope this means something to you.

Happy Female Farting to you all!
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PEOPLE OF EA- No I'm not gonna do that :P Everyone I watch seems to be doing that with their journals and I don't know why. :/ No bashing. It just caught my eye. :3

But yeah you see the title and I'm not gonna dissappoint!! Possibly this friday afternoon, I is gonna stream Brave and Stinkers 3!!! Now this was a game that was translated by an awesome guy whose name is drawing a blank at this moment. But he spent a majority of his time translating the game and guess what? I'm gonna stream my blind playing of it. If it happens it should start around 4:30 at this twitch thing. I might make one specifically for this game and possible Eight Marbles streams. 

Edit: MADE ONE!!

there you go.

Hopefully I'll see you there ;)
July 8, 3:20 PM
LakeFront Hotel Lobby

"Yay! More food!"
"Maya!! Don't eat all of that! There are other people that need to eat too..."
"But come on Nick, they're just begging me to eat 'em. I can just hear them calling out to me, 'Maya. Maya Fey. Eat these burgers you see before you. Satisfy yourself and me.' Don't you hear it Nick?"
"(I hear my brain telling me to feel a migraine...)"
One-Off Teaser.
Judging by what's written in the story, you guys can get excited for this one. And I may even have a little extra treat for this story when it's all done. 

But yeah this is my Valentine's Day Gift to all of you.....the day after Valentine's Day....
There is a small legend about a very deadly object that when consumed by man can lead to serious....complications. That legend, is the legend of the Killer Red Beans. Almost nobody escapes its wrath unscathed, however it entices many and delivers its subjects a great deal of its treasure almost all at once to which its subjects cannot handle it...however this is the tale of when a couple girls are unaware of the chaos sprung about from the Killer Red Beans!


The cafeteria bell finished its last ding. A blond girl with interesting shades ends up in the cafeteria first as she looks for her friend.
"Leslie?" she calls out hoping her friend would respond. No response amongst the soft cacophony of sounds around the cafeteria. "Leeesli- Oof!"
The sudden sound of a thud softly resounded in the cafeteria.
"Hah!" called a voice from above the tackled Angela, "I finally caught you off guard!"
"Should've known it was you Leslie," Angela sighed as she stood up, brushing the dirt off of her clothing. "So are you gonna eat something or not?"
Leslie looked at her with sort of a playful 'Are you serious?' expression.
"Right. So what are you gonna eat?"
"Meh. I'm in the mood for beans today." She said with a smirk and pointed over to the area where the food lay. Angie could have sworn she heard lightning crash outside the cafeteria windows, but that would have been odd because no rain or thunderstorms were forecast for a whole month. But she shrugged it off.
"Whatever Leslie. Get whatever you want. But don't come crying to me when you have a gas attack."
Leslie laughed, "Even if I do, I would just let it loose anyway." She made her way over to the line with her tray in hand. As she approached the counter where the lunch lady stood behind, her stomach grumbled as a sign that she was super hungry. The lunch lady chuckled and asked her what she would like for lunch.
"The Red beans please," Leslie said, "and LOTS of it!"
The lunch lady, smiled and gave her a whole plate full of the red beans. "Thanks a ton," Leslie thanked the lunch lady before heading back to Angela. However once Leslie turned her head away from the lunch lady she shook her head and sighed. "Good luck little one," she muttered under her breath, "You'll need it."
Leslie arrived back at the table with her food as Angela looked shocked at her friend's plate.
"Really? That much??"
"Oh come," Leslie replied, "I've had loads of beans before."
"But weren't kidding when you said you were hungry..."
Leslie shrugged as she took her spoon- yes spoon- and dunked into the pile of red beans.
" know that not how you-"
Leslie looked at her with what expression that many people could probably describe as a 'Don't judge me, I'm trying to enjoy my food' look.
"Fine...go ahead. But again! Don't come crying to me when you get a-"
"Yeah yeah yeah I get it. Just let me eat my food okay?"
After that short while of banter Leslie's utensil finally connects with the red beans and without even giving it a second thought she plops the beans in her mouth.
"Oh my god!"
"What is it Leslie?" Angela asked a bit worried.
"This is so tasty!!" Leslie beamed as she started stuffing her face with the red beans.
Five minutes go by and not only was Leslie's plate of beans licked clean, but as such so that there was literally no particle of food left on it. Angie sighed nodding while Leslie patted her belly, upon which a sharp loud belch rung.
"Ahh..." She sighed of relief, "That hit the spot."
"I swear Leslie," Angie remarked while slightly chuckling, "Sometimes I don't understand you."
Leslie laughed back at her before a loud but deep grumble was heard. Leslie stopped what she was doing and looked at Angie, grinning. They both knew what was coming. What they didn't know was that 'what' may be a bit more than they're used too.

"Hah," she started out, "That was pretty fast." She rubbed her belly a bit to ease the gurgling but it actually intensified, causing Leslie to clutch her stomach.
"Oh god...that's a lot of ga-" Not even a second passed before one of Leslie's loudest and biggest farts rung throughout the entire cafeteria. The blast exploded from her rump and violently vibrated the chair she was in, and even the building it self a bit. Not mention immediately shrouding the air with her stench cloud. Immediately all heads turned towards the sound with a mix of darted glares, disgusted faces, a few smiles, some confusion, shock, surprise and stunned expressions. Leslie didn't know whether to be embarrassed by that or own that to be hers. She really couldn't think as her stomach hadn't let up. Angie's face was among the extremely shocked. She hasn't heard a fart of that caliber before, let alone from Leslie of all people.
"Ack!..." Leslie grunted, "....there's....more.."
Angie got a bit worried and slowly turned her head to the other cafeteria patrons."I think you guys should take co-"
"....*cough* cover."

The sound, comparatively speaking, was weaker that the previous one. However that didn't stop it from rumbling the cafeteria once more. This time though it was deeper and slightly more bubbly than its predecessor. Leslie thought about it for a second.
'I could make like the biggest farts ever,' her thoughts rung, 'They'd be huge! I can't believe this has happened to me!!'
"Ack!" she groaned as she lurched forward from all the gas brewing in her stomach. Although it was an amazing thought to have all this gas and being able to use it however she wanted, it was still churning much more than her own stomach can handle. Leslie doubled over, clutching her bully in hopes that it would go down with a couple of farts. And so she tested her theory.

What followed suit was a series of barrages containing a whole slew of different fart sounds; loud and bubbly, long and airy, short and sharp, and all of them stinking of strong sulphur. The barrages lasted for about 10 minutes straight and the gas still hadn't let up. Everyone had since evacuated the lunchroom, even the workers. Leslie felt so much relief it was almost orgasmic to her, but yet the gas still churned and churned inside her. Angie, nose pinched, stood beside her friend.

"Welp," she started, "At least it wasn't crap in there."


Leslie's eyes widened and she shoot upright.

"....Gotta go!" She quickly ran out of the cafeteria, holding her butt as she ran right for the restroom crop dusting the whole way there. Angie just slowly shook her head but sighed as she left the cafeteria.
"Hah...I warned her about this. I probably should have told her I know about this from...personal experience." She played with her hair a bit before she finally left.


"What is that awful smell?!!" The principal asked.
"Mr Principal," the secretary responded, "Must be a gas leak or something."
The Legend of the Killer Red Beans
Requested by :iconcoffee-vee:


Also so this is going to be a rare instance where I'll return to this story at a later point. Only because I kind of want to continue and this story has overstayed its welcome in not being posted yet.
Somewhere between 11 and noon today, I shall livestream once again. It'll go on for a long while but not all day. Hope to see you guys there. (Since I'm going to continue brave and stinker 3 from where I left off, i apologize if nobody knows what's going on...except for GrayVII and Squiggle :P )
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