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Talim WG by ButLova
by ButLova

Okay as my first critique I'll try my best to get to the point. The artwork is very good and the shading is really nice. Although her a...


Fun fact.....tumblr users ask really stupid questions anonymously.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)

“For the love of GOD Marisa! Why do you want to use it so much?”


“Why? Do you really want to see her that badly?”


“OKAY OKAY!...Damn it...”

Lizabella Kunsky hung her head and sighed. She ruffled her hand through her orange hair, directly through the white stripe in the center. Understandably so, as she’s been bugged all day by the self-proclaimed cutest and gassiest neko alive, Marisa Pussigal.

“YAY~!” Marisa squealed with joy while jumping around like a little child, “Thank you thank you thank you Lizzy.”

“Ugh…” Lizabella groaned again, “You’re such a pain in the ass sometimes.”

The skunkette then reached into the pocket of her large breasts and pulled out a wandlike object. “Remember neko bitch, wherever you go with my Skunkspell Caster, I’m coming along with you.” She then rolled her eyes and asked, “So where is it you want to go again?”

“Yiiingiiiie~...” Marisa’s eyes then drifted off thinking about the cute yet voluptuous asian girl. Lizabella’s hand loudly connected with her forehead.

“...Figured. Okay then, hold my hand and...” Lizabella’s eyes widened as she gasped, almost sensually. She felt a sudden, strong grab at her large booty.

“HAND Marisa! HAND!!” She gave the neko a slap across the face, quickly wiping her cheesy grin off of her face.

“Owwie...okay sorry…” Marisa cooed, dropping her hand onto Lizabella’s without further question.

Then Lizabella took a deep breath, muttered an unintelligible chant into her caster and it started to glow. Lizabella grinned as she thrusted her wand upward. A force field started to form around the two of them and after about a half-minute, both of them vanished. What was left was a trace of blue hair that was left by... neither two of the girls...


Ying and Yuki were walking together after a pleasantly short day at school. It was midafternoon in the middle of the week which was a great relief for the two of them. Or at least would have been if they didn’t begin to feel what they lost from not having a full day at school.

“I didn’t know they were going to cut out the after school activities too…” Yuki sighed as she walked by Ying’s side. Ying was currently kicking a stray rock down the path as they headed towards home.

“Forget your boring after school stuff.” Ying replied before she drove her foot into the rock and sent it hurtling over a house. “They cut out lunchtime! If they just let us out a half hour later, I could’ve been neck deep in potatoes and gravy!”

“Ying,” Yuki chuckled. “I’m going to fix us lunch when we get home!”

“You were… Oh yeah!” Ying perked up immediately. Her taste buds watering in anticipation of what she would be having before long.

Suddenly, the wind picked up in front of the two girls and a light blue force field started to form right in their faces. Soon three shadowy figures appeared before Ying and Yuki; a mostly slender, big bootied neko, a voluptuous Skunkette with what seemed to be a big bushy tail and a short, blue- and long-haired girl in what looked to be a miniskirt. Then the silhouettes took form and landed right in front of the girls. Once Marisa opened her eyes, she couldn’t help but smile widely at the first face she recognized.

“YINGIE!!” She almost screamed as she attempted to pounce on Ying.

“MA-MARIS-” Ying began, until Yuki suddenly stepped between them.

“AHHH!” Yuki shouted as she delivered a masterful palm thrust into Marisa’s chin. The neko girl was hurled back from the attack and skid across the ground, rolling on the pavement until friction said otherwise. Once Lizabella saw what Yuki did to Marisa, she was laughing extremely hard on the ground at the neko’s expense. And the girl with long blue hair looked up at Yuki confusedly. Meanwhile, Yuki took up a defensive fighting stance in front of Ying, shocked at the appearance of the three girls.

“Ying run! I’ll protect you!

Ying placed her hand on Yuki’s shoulder and pulled her aside. “Yuki! Its JUST Marisa and… her friends. I think?”

“Owwie….who was that…?” Marisa asked as she rubbed her jaw.

“Are you alright?” Ying asked as she walked up to her old neko friend.

Marisa looked up at Ying with a combination of sadness and confusion but she lifted up her arm anyway to be helped up.

“Who was that Yingie….?” Marisa asked.

Yuki looked to the innocent looking cat girl and then back to her sister helping her up. “You two… are friends?” Yuki gasped and began to bow. “I’m so sorry if I hurt you! You scared me appearing like that!”

“It’s okay,” Marisa chuckled still in a bit of a daze, “You’re a strong one for such a cute girl. You look like Yingie too...are you two sisters or something?”

“Y-yeah.” Yuki blushed before happily answering. “We’re twins.”

Marisa scanned Yuki’s body very carefully, really focusing on her hips and her chest. “Yup...I can see the resemblance.” She giggled afterward while twitching her cat ears adorably.

“What… are you exactly?” Yuki asked, her eyes fixed on Marisa’s ears.

“Hehehe,” she chuckled some more, “I’m a neko. Like a cat girl.” She turned around and flaunted her black cat tail, while inadvertently also flaunting her ass at Yuki.

“Cool right?” she asked while giving her a wink.

“I… I neve-”

Ying’s hand suddenly connected with Yuki’s back. “You’ll get used to it.” She said before turning to Marisa and her cast. “Who are your friends? And WHAT did you do to get here?” Ying questioned. Open for anyone to answer.

Lizabella raised her hand. “Guilty.”

“Oh right,” Marisa shot up to introduce the girls to her friend.

“Meet Lizzy. She brought us here!”

Lizabella looked over at Marisa unimpressed, “I can introduce myself you know…Anyway yeah. I’m Lizabella but Lizzy’s good too.”

“Nice to meet you.” Yuki politely bowed again.

“Friends I’m guessing?” assumed Ying, “You don’t seem like a neko.”

“That’s because I’m a lady. More specifically, a skunkette.” Lizabella then proceeded to flaunt her ass at Ying showcasing her bushy black and white-striped tail, “Wanna feel it?”

Ying obliged to the offer and reached out to feel it. “You won’t spray me right?”

“You ask after you touch it?” Yuki questioned, seeing Ying’s logic was backwards.

Lizabella chuckled, “You don’t seem like a bad girl to me. If you were, I wouldn’t hesitate to spray you. Then again, I also wouldn’t hesitate to do this.”

A long airy hissing sound was heard around the group of girls, the source of it being Lizabella’s big rump. The smell of sulphur and rotten cheese formed extremely quickly from the blast cannon that is Lizabella’s rear. The stench was very thick for being not too loud or big and quickly enveloped the girls in its cloud. Yuki was the first to begin to cough among the girls from the powerful stench, wrapping her arm around her mouth and stepping back away from the source. Ying couldn’t help reaching to cover her nose as well, but seemed to handle it better than her sister.

“Hey! Don’t think I won’t hesitate to get you back.” Ying playfully threatened as she gave her own meaty backside a firm slap. “I got a lot more bite than you might imagine.”

“Ying. *cough* Don’t pick a farting fight please.” Yuki pleaded through her coughs.
Lizabella scoffed, “And you can top that? I barely tried with that.”

“Hell yeah! Marisa can tell you!” Ying folded her arms and confidently looked to Marisa thinking she had her back. Marisa said nothing for a while.

“....Yingie’s got some awesomely large farts Lizzy…” Then she quickly turned to Ying, “But Lizzy’s got farts that could probably match yours. Her’s definitely are strong in the stink department.” The neko fanned away most of the stench from her nose.

“Not to pick sides…” Yuki spoke once she caught her breath. “But you don’t have to try and prove you ARE stinkier than a skunk.”

“That sounds like a challenge!” Ying boasted.

“It IS a challenge!” Lizabella retorted with a devious grin on her face.

Yuki brought her hand to her face and shook her head. There was no winning when it came to talking Ying out of a challenge.

“....*cough* HEY ALL *cough* OF YA!!” shouted a voice from behind the girls. The group all turned to the owner of the voice who interrupted them.

“Hah. Don’t wanna go forgettin’ about me right?” replied the voice. It came from the blue haired
girl that was observing all the action from the back. She stood up, reaching just about short from
Yuki’s height and walked over the group.

“I’m sorry who are you?” Lizabella sassed.

“The name’s Jessica,” the long blue-haired girl replied, “And wow...I didn’t think something like this could happen.”

Marisa looked confused, “What do you mean? How did you follow us?”
“From that fat ass skunk girl. I saw you girls and I thought you were some of those weird people that like to cosplay a ton and I was gonna pull a prank on you. Then I got caught in your weird beam thing and now I’m here.”

Marisa and Lizabella exchanged looks of confusion but then Marisa spoke up.

“....Okay why’d you stop these two? I really wanna see these girls duke it out.”

“Right out here where everybody can see?” Jessica replied in confusion.

Lizabella laughed, “I don’t give a shit about it. This girl doesn’t know how bad my gas can be.”

“Lizzy!” Marisa called out, “You don’t have to be insulting…”

“I don’t care who watches!” Ying agreed as she rolled up one of her sleeves. “And what’s even
more insulting than being insulted is being underestimated!”

“Bring it!” Lizabella scowled, “I’ve got gas for days!!”

Marisa sighed in concern, “Lizzy…”

“And that’s MY line!” shouted Ying.

“Ying calm down…” Yuki placed her hand on Ying’s shoulder gently. “Don’t get so worked up over this.”

Jessica suddenly appeared behind Yuki and placed her hands on her shoulders. “If I couldn’t stop them, what makes you think you can? It ain’t gonna work like that. Heh heh…”

“Why can’t we all get along? We don’t have to fight.”

“Yuki! You punched Marisa first thing when she appeared!” Ying argued.

“It was a reflex! I didn’t know what was going on!”

“I’m all for fighting,” Jessica retorted, “I’m pretty skilled in fart combat after all.” She grinned with enough ham to put all the pigs in the world to shame.“It’s just why now? I mean I’m hungry and we just got here…”


Ying’s stomach stole everyone’s attention with a loud voracious growl. An awkward silence followed until Ying laughed at herself. “Hahaha! Yeah I’m hungry too. It is supposed to be lunch time now.”

Marisa sighed of relief, “Whew. Ying’s stomach saves the day.”

Jessica chuckled, “Exactly!”

Lizabella hesitated before saying, “You know what? I could go for some food too.”

“We were heading home for lunch.” Yuki explained. “But I’m not sure if we have enough food for everyone.”

“I can help cook food.” Marisa grinned.

Yuki smiled to Marisa for the offer. “Thanks, Well I know I don’t really eat a lot so I guess its alright if you all come over to eat.”

“Yay~! PARTY AT YING’S!” Marisa shouted joyfully.

Lizabella glared at Marisa, “’re so cheerful it hurts…”

“All right, Let’s Go!” Jessica proclaimed. as she pushed the other two girls ahead with Ying and Yuki.
Games Gassy Girls Play Part 1
OH MAN!!!! IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!! The long awaited collab between me and Drifter is finally here! However this story, isn't just going to be between Ying and Marisa. We've already done that. Now let's take it one step further. ;)
Also I apologize if the first part is a bit on the shorter side, the next part definitely makes up for the lack of space.


Marisa yearns to see Ying once again, however things start to get interesting when we see that Lizabella wants to join it seems like some little tyke has followed along for the ride.

Ying and Yuki belong to :iconthedrifter91:

Story Parts:

PART 1: You're already reading it!!

PART 2:…

PART 3:…

PART 4:…

PART 5:…

PART 6:…
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)

The group of girls were happily eating their meal, nicely prepared by Yuki and Marisa, when a loud and unexpected belch interrupted their lunch. The owner of the expulsion, came as an even bigger surprise, with Ying looking to her blushing twin from across the kitchen table.


Yuki had her hands clasped over her mouth, her cheeks flushed with red. “E-excuse me! I didn’t even feel it!
“Aww...” Marisa cooed, but yet still surprised at that loud of a burp coming from Yuki, “You really are like your sister!” She stopped herself quickly, “ know what I mean.” She almost leaned against Ying blushing herself. Yuki’s cheeks grew even more red from Marisa’s comment.

Lizabella smiled, “Well either way, that was a nice belch. You shouldn’t be so Goody Two-Shoes all the time and just freely let loose every once in a while.”


“Like that,” Jessica said sighing of relief from her own loud, “girlish” belch, “This food is SOOOOOO good by the way Yuki.’ She gave the blushing Yuki a pat on the shoulder.

“Thanks Jessica…” Yuki replied graciously. She turned to Lizabella, still blushing. “I’m not as comfortable with belching around others openly.”

“Yeah,” Ying scoffed. “And…” She lifted her cheek toward Marisa, who saw what was coming and started blushing harder herself but for a different reason entirely.


Ying’s cheeks rippled as a brassy fart tore from her backside. Sending vibrations through her chair, down into the floor, and up into Marisa’s chair so she could feel them. The heat from her heavily meaty fart washed across Marisa as it resounded through the room for its fourteen second duration. Ying sighing with some relief upon its end. Marisa’s body almost shook from the intense blast of gas from Ying’s booty. She smiled and playfully pushed her butt away.

“Wow Ying,” Marisa said, voice almost trembling, “You definitely still have it in you.”

“Not bad Ying,” Lizabella complemented, “Not bad…”

“Please don’t encourage her…” Yuki sighed as she fanned her face. “You can’t show some manners at the table when we have guests?”

“What? That was my first fart at the table!” Ying complained.

Yuki shook her head. “You could at least excuse yourself.”

“But its my house!” Ying retorted with a laugh.

Jessica, on the other hand was amazed by Ying’s power. “Oh my god. With that kind of power, I don’t think a pardon would be enough. Maybe like ten of ‘em.”

“Hah...yeah..” Marisa said but not really able to concentrate. Her own stomach gurgled as well. In fact, she ate so much in such a small period of time that her pudgy belly bloated out significantly.

“Ooh boy. I feel a-”


“...ah~...burp coming out.” Marisa sheepishly grinned after that monstrosity came out.

Ying jokingly jumped out of her seat from the sound of Marisa’s sudden power belch. Only having heard belches like it come from her friend Trash. “Holy shit!”

“YING!” scolded Yuki.

“Gosh, why does everyone have a problem with my swearing?” Ying complained before giving Marisa a pat on the back. “That was huge! Nice one!”

Lizabella chuckled, “Holy shit is right. For the neko bitch and for you too.”

“Heh...thanks gals,” Marisa cleared her throat and then sat more upright in her chair, “That one was a deep burp. Right from the soul.”

“Haha it felt like it.” Ying teased as she continued her meal.

“So how are you guys liking the food Yuki and I made?” Marisa asked, “I know Jess here showed her liking for it but what do the rest of you think?”
Ying answered Marisa by letting out a belch of her own once her plate was cleared. “Ah, it really hit the spot! Man I was hungry.” She smirked as she nudged Marisa’s shoulder. “But we’ll see how good it all really was soon.” She said as she gave her stomach a pat.

“Oh Ying,” Marisa said as she started to eat some more food, “Vanessa has had my cooking before and it was as great coming in as it was going out.”

Lizabella looked at Marisa, “My question is how much shit I’m going to have by the end of this feast.”

Marisa quickly glared at the skunkette, to which Lizabella replied, “What? What did I do?”

“What?” Ying turned to the skunkette. “You think she spiked it?” Then she glared at her. “Or are you saying her food sucked!? Because it didn’t!” Jessica giggled at Ying’s remark, while almost finishing up her own food.

“Come on Lizzy!” Marisa pleaded, “ I was with Yuki the whole time so I couldn’t have spiked it. All I did was add my own flavor of love.”

Yuki giggled.” Hehe, I say that too!”

Lizabella shrugged, “Sounds fishy to me.”

“Shut up, Lizabella.” Marisa said, looking off, “The food is fine.” Marisa’s stomach made itself known again. “Ugh...speaking of food... I had so much of it.…”

Jessica looked confused, “You didn’t have that much after the initial ‘binge’ earlier.”

Marisa blushed again, “Quiet you…”

“I could really go for seconds!” Ying expressed as she went for whatever food was left.

“It would be your fourth plate Ying…” Yuki mumbled.

“Knowing Ying she’d probably still be going for a 7th plate,” Marisa joked.

“You say the nicest things Marisa.” Ying said as she leaned over on her. She batted her eyelashes flirtatiously before bursting into laughter with Marisa.

“Get a room you two,” Lizabella remarked.

“Well speaking of rooms.” Yuki began as she rose from her chair. “I’m going to go up to ours to start my homework.”

“Can I follow you Yuki?” Jessica asked, “I promise I’ll keep myself busy.”

“Sure.” Yuki smiles and offered to take her plate to the sink.

“Great. Oh and thanks,” Jessica said as she gave Yuki her plate.

“I was going to go play games with Marisa up in our room too.” Ying informed.

“Ying! I won’t be able to focus with you and your friends making noise and fa… doing what you do…”

“But Jessica is going with you.”

“I’m sure Jessica will be fine. But EVERYONE in our room?” Yuki placed the plates in the sink and turned towards the stairs. “Can you take your games to the family room or use the TV in the basement? There is more room down there anyway.”

“Fine!” Ying turned her chin up. “Didn’t want to hangout with you and your boring homework anyway.” She chuckled.

Marisa was too busy rubbing her belly to realize what was going on around her while Lizabella was getting up, having her large hips bump into the side of the table during so. Jess stood up and stretched a bit.

“Whew,” she said, “That DEFINITELY hit the spot. Man I can’t wait to tell Kira about this!” She started to run over to Yuki. “So you ready to go?”

“Yeah.” Yuki replied with a smile and nod before she lead the way upstairs.

“So Yingie,” Marisa said, eyes beaming at Ying, “Should we go too?”

“Yeah, I can go get my game system from upstairs. We can play it on the big screen in the basement.” Ying glared up at the ceiling. “So we don’t disturb Yuki by making too much noise!”
Lizabella’s ears perked up, “Now you’re talkin’. So what do you have?” The skunkette stopped herself right after to see that Marisa was practically drooling, sighing and nodding her head in shame.

“I got a bunch of stuff. I’ll just bring it all down.” Ying answered before running upstairs. She returned rather quickly, with game systems and cases in her arms, heading for the basement. Lizabella offered to take some of the consoles down with Ying and Marisa just mesmerically followed the two into the basement.

The basement was completely finished, with its own bathroom installed off to the side. Recently cleaned up by her cousin Max, it was ready to be used for any party or celebratory occasion. A large, wall mounted television sat in the main area of the room with a curved couch, large enough to fit eight people, sitting in the middle. Off on the other end of the room was various workout equipment. Including a treadmill, punching bag and rack of weights. Between the two large sections was a built in bar. Its own mini fridge and microwave along with it. It was however, not stocked. That would be a job for her father, whenever he returned home.

“Alright. Lets set everything up.” Ying suggested as she moved towards the TV. She didn’t say it, but she was surprised that Lizabella was being so helpful. Judging by how she had been acting so far. The skunkette grinned and looked at Ying while helping set up the equipment.

“Heh...I know what you’re thinking. That face says it all. I’m not a mean person. Just really competitive. Although I think Ness and Marisa have more of a competitive heart but regardless. I said before that you seem like a nice person and I’m stickin’ by that. That is until the fart contest that I will so fairly win.”

“Ohhh! You still think you can beat me!?” Ying challenged. Her own competitive nature bursting from her.

“Girls Girls Girls!” Marisa interjected, seemingly slightly broken from her trance, “There’ll be plenty of time for that after I wreck you all!”

“Mmm… I ALMOST want to say I wouldn’t mind you beating me in a game.” Ying said to Marisa before grinning at Lizabella. “But I’d rather us both come out on top of her!”

Lizabella scoffed. “Whatever. It’s your funeral.”

“YAY~!” Marisa hopped up and down like a little kid and ran over to hug Ying, consciously sliding her hands down to grip her bubble butt.

Ying yelped at the low-level touch but grinned up at Marisa. “You just couldn’t wait any longer huh?”

“I’m sorry,” Marisa apologized in a cutesy manner, blushing as well, “It’s so irresistible.”

Lizabella groaned once again, “Again. Get a room you two…”

“So you two are friends?” Ying asked Marisa while glancing back at Lizabella.

“Of course we are,” she replied, “She cares about me and Ness and Kris a ton!”

Lizabella nodded and added, “I mean outside of the fact that it was because of her whining that I decided to tag along, I was also curious about who you were. I swear she would talk about you all the time that it was getting a bit obnoxious.”

Ying looked back at Marisa grinning widely. “Talking about me ALL the time, huh?”

Marisa’s face immediately heated up, “S-So I talk about you a lot. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. I mean we’re like good friends and all...” She continued rambling while Lizabella was near about to break out laughing.

“Hahaha! Its okay Marisa!” Ying laughed first and wrapped her arms around her neko pal to calm her. “I think about you a lot too you know. You’re one of my best friends.”

Marisa’s face turned dark red, or at least that’s what someone would see if her skin tone hadn’t made it nearly impossible to tell, but she took the embrace and then...


“...H-Heh heh...looks like my butt wanted to give you a thank you present Yingie,” Marisa stuttered out. The smell was fairly mild but the sound started off like a small gust of wind and soon morphed into a monster that lasted around 6 seconds. If the neko girl could blush any more after that fart, her face could melt the Arctic.

“Heh, thats fine.” Ying chuckled as she reached behind Marisa and grabbed her fleshy butt cheeks in return. “After all the times MY butt has thanked you?” She laughed again.

“Y-Yeah sure…man all that food is just going right through me...”

“Really?” Ying asked, before she hiked her leg up against Marisa’s thigh and squinted an eye.


The basement echoed with a resounding blast of flatulence from Ying’s ass. Lasting close to twelve seconds all together, the fart brought again the heavy stench of meat and cabbages to the area around them. Marisa froze as she felt the vibrations ripple against her jeans. She felt it was hypnotically stimulating.

“Still smells like the leftovers from breakfast this morning!” Ying laughed as she lowered her leg. “You’ll have to wait and see how bad it’ll get once your food gets loaded.” She emphasized her statement by giving her slightly bloated midsection a pat. Marisa giggled from the pat, her own belly making a hollow drum-like noise. She smiled at Ying, coughing a bit to the side from the thick smell of Ying’s fart. Lizabella on the other hand was a little bit concerned, merely at how she thought Ying had already wasted all of her gas at the table.

‘How could she possibly have more?’ she thought to herself, ‘Man this girl is quite something...I can see why Marisa’s constantly thinking about her.’

“You find a game you want to play Liz?” asked Ying as she went to grab her controller.

Lizabella went and shoved in Ying’s face a blue case labeled on the fron-

“We’re playing Smash dude!”

Her face widened with an almost nasty grin. While the name was being said, Marisa’s ears perked up, her tail shot up and her butt clenched, all while her eyes glowed with a combination of childlike excitement and competitivity and her mouth ended up filling half her face with nothing but a smile.



Lizabella's hand once again connected with Marisa's face, causing the neko to collapse.


“Did you forget that the tykes are upstairs and that one of them is studying for some stupid reason?" Lizabella asked the cat girl, “I swear you fangirls can't hold your vagina in your pants for a single second when it comes to Smash."

“Which is why we came to the basement.” Ying smirked at the two. “Its not sound proof, but we’re a floor underground. It would take a lot for them to hear us.

Lizabella looked at Ying with a dumbfounded expression. “...Which is ALSO exactly why...what I did…...was..….you know what let’s just play the damn game.”

Marisa rubbed her cheek as she stood up then looked at Lizabella with an eye of determination.

“Lizzy,” she started, “Hand me that Pro Controller.”


Up in Ying and Yuki’s room, Yuki sat at her desk with her school work in front of her. She had changed into a more comfortable top, a loose Hello Kitty T-shirt and a pair of white and purple leggings which accented her ample bottom.

“I’m sorry I’m not very entertaining…” Yuki apologized to her guest. Jessica chuckled. She grinned and gave Yuki’s hair a shuffle,

“You don’t have to apologize to me. I’ll keep myself entertained.” However she did take a quick glance at Yuki’s current outfit.

“What you should be apologizing for is how you have such a nice ass for such a cute girl.” She chuckled a bit afterwards.

Yuki froze with modest embarrassment. “Um… uh… Th-thanks?” She hunched over her desk a little further as if to hide. Jessica gave her a big hug, hoping to comfort her.

“Aww it’s okay,” she said, “I was havin’ a little fun is all. I’ve got nothing against you or your butt.” She chuckled some more at what she thought was a pretty witty remark.

“You know what’s funny?” she asked Yuki, “You remind me of my little twin sister. Y’know without those beautiful moons of yours.” She giggled a bit at her own joke.

“You have a sister too?” Yuki turned with interest. “She’s… like me?”

“Oh yeah! She’s very shy, she’s very innocent, and other people find her cuter than me. Although I doubt you’ve had gas attacks as bad as her’s are, or hell, even unexpected bowel movements as hers that she’s really embarrassed about. Or even-”

Yuki blushed and turned to Jessica waving her hands. “Oh you don’t have to share ALL of that with me. I’m sure she wouldn’t like you to share that with some stranger.”
“Kira’s a delicate but durable soul. It takes a lot to make her upset at me to the point where she's not even talking to me. In her world, the silent treatment is equivalent to the devil.”

Yuki pouted as she slowly turned around in her chair. “...I wouldn’t want Ying sharing that stuff.”

Jessica turned her head slightly as if confused, “Why not? I thought you guys told everything about each other with the way that you guys passed so much gas around the table.”

“A-all I did was belch!” Yuki replied defensively. “I do not act so rudely in front of people. Especially houseguests.”

“Rude?” Jessica laughed heartily. “My sis felt that way too. But then I told her that we were one in the same and we can do anything in front of each other. And that includes…” She then lifted up her knee as high as she could.

BRAPT! Bllbrbl! BbllblblbbbbrRRRAPT!!

During her reply, a trio of farts trumpeted it's way out from Jessica's blast canon. The first one was loud, sharp and lasted about half a second. The second one was still audible, but not as loud as well as more bubbly and wetter sounding. It didn't last more than a second. The third one however, combined the low, bubbly nature of the second fart and the loud, sharp nature of the first fart into quite a decent 3 second fart. All of them smelled heavily of meats and cheeses from her meal with the other girls.


Yuki wanted to lecture Jessica about how she should politely excuse herself after reliving her bowels of flatulence. But assumed she wouldn’t be any more successful with it as she was with her own sister. She instead ignored the spreading scent of the gas to continue working. Jessica then dug her hand into one of her many pockets that lined her outfit and took out a 3DS with headphones that depicted a couple anime characters on the earpieces.

“Fine then. I’ll keep myself busy while you work,” she stated, “Not sure if my body’s gonna keep quiet though.”

“That’s okay.” She made a few clicks on her computer and shut it off. “I’m done now actually.”

“Really?” Jessica asked. She had barely even opened up the handheld, “That was pretty fast.”

“Yeah. It was just some algebra work I had to do.” She looked over her notes on the desk before turning back. “Its was easier than I expected.”

Jessica gawked at Yuki, “What?! I've heard rumors of that subject. I've even heard of horror stories about this thing called ‘calculus’.” She knelt in front of Yuki and looked up at her eagerly. “You are some sort of genius. You MUST be!”

Yuki blushed lightly and shook her head. “Hehe no trust me I’m not. I was just home schooled most of my life and am a bit ahead of my class. I could technically be a senior. But I’m sticking with my age group.” She happily explained. “My older cousin Sara though IS an actual genius.”

Jessica was awestruck. “Seriously?! No freakin' way!! Now all we gotta do is get you comfortable with farting and you're all set for life." She chuckled a bit afterwards.

“Heh, I don’t think doing that… openly, is really necessary.” Yuki laughed shyly in reply.

“Heh. Suit yourself Yuki. However, at least around me and even your sister, feel free to let loose whenever it comes. I’d hate for you to have to hold it in just to be polite. I mean apologizing completely makes it okay to fart and burp....which is why I do it all the time…” She shadily looked to the left and right of her.

“I haven’t heard you excuse yourself once yet though.”

“Uh….umm…” Jessica frantically thought of what to do.


“Excuse me! HAH! Told ya I do it.” She smirked at Yuki triumphantly as her burp gas quickly engulfed the two of them.

“Hehe, you didn’t have to really prove it to me.” Yuki giggled. “But thank you.”

Jessica threw up a peace sign in a triumphant pose, half-ignoring Yuki’s comment. “Yeah yeah but the fact that I proved that even I can be polite proves that even you can do it.!”

Yuki looked down at the game system in Jessica’s hand. “What game were you playing?”

Jessica turned on the system and the menu screen flashed up. “Well I was about to play Smash but I have Animal Crossing in my Cart Slot right now.”

“Oh! I haven’t played Animal Crossing before!” Yuki’s eyes lit up with excitement. “I’ve heard a lot of good things about it though.”

“You’ve NEVER played Animal Crossing before??” It took a while but after the initial shock, Jessica smiled, this time without it seeming juvenile, at Yuki’s excitement. “It’s super fuc-....I mean freaking fun. I think someone like you would have fun with it.” She winked at Yuki. “Do you wanna give it a go?”

“Hehe, sure!” Yuki nodded.

Jessica loaded up the game and it started playing its very soothing soundtrack. Jessica then handed over the system to Yuki, “Here ya go. She’s all yours. I hope you’re okay with the town name.”

Yuki took the game and looked at the name and... “Fahrt-ahss?” She said puzzled.

“It’s...never mind. Don’t worry about it Yuki.”

Jessica sighed and thought to herself, ‘Well it’s no point explaining it to her if she doesn’t get it...’
Games Gassy Girls Play Part 2
This one was a doozy. I think I have to start realizing how long stories can go in deviantART before they start cutting you off. But anyway, PART 2 IS HERE AND IS BIGGER THAN EVER BEFORE!
The last one I set as a bit of an intro to the scene. Now is where all the fun happens. :D

The girls all have dinner at Ying's and Yuki's place an, while the obvious happens, the title will have some more significance now.

Ying and Yuki belong to :iconthedrifter91:

Story Parts:

PART 1:…

PART 2: You're already reading it!!

PART 3:…

PART 4:…

PART 5:…

PART 6:…
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)




Marisa immediately shot her hand clutching the Pro Controller high up, striking a triumphant pose as the results screen was plastered on the television. Lizabella knelt down in shame and awe as she gently tossed her GameCube controller down in front of her.

“Hey! Don’t throw my controllers!” Ying shouted before smiling at Marisa. “Good game!” She glared back at Lizabella. “Pick it up! We ain’t done yet!” She then brought the three of them back to the character select screen.

“B-But…” Lizabella stuttered.

“Hah!” Marisa gloated to Lizabella, “Are you sure you wanna take another whoop ass from me and Ying?”

“B-But I've never been beat like 10 times in a row.”

“Neither have I.” Ying replied sympathetically. That was until she laughed at her. “But hey. Best 11 out of 10?”

Marisa chuckled, “I think you mean 13 out of 10 or something like that.” After experimenting with some of the newcomers, she reselected Kirby in anticipation for the next match.

“Seriously Lizzy,” Marisa continued, “Ying’s the only one who came close to beating me with Kirby. I’ve yet to see you get past third place.”

Lizabella clenched her teeth in irritation at Marisa’s smarmy remark.

“Kirby sucks!” Ying supported before adding in a note to boost her own pride. “Which is why I beat you both with Samus after that.”

“That was just a fluke!” shouted the cat girl, “I won the first match!”

“....yeah during a sudden death match with a random cheap-ass Bob-omb hitting me.” the skunkette muttered.

“You didn’t win a single match Lizzy!”

“But… that REALLY wasn’t her fault.” Ying sympathised. Then her anger spiked. “THAT THING KILLED ME TOO!”

“She died in the end so that’s all that counts. I’ve won like 6 games already.” Marisa winked at the girls and stuck her tongue out at them before flashing five fingers in front of both girls.

“That’s five dumbass,” Lizabella coldly replied.

Marisa slightly blushed at her mistake, “B-Be quiet Lizabella!”

“And I’m about to get my 5th.” Ying claimed as she selected Samus again. She raised her right arm and pretended to cock it like a cannon.

Marisa finally calmed down and picked up the Pro controller once again.

“Sorry Ying, but I’m going with my little Kirby on this one,” she said inhaling a ton of air, then accidentally releasing it via a loud long burp.

“Holy shit!” Ying gasped. “You can burp on command!?”

“Oh you like it?” Marisa’s mood quickly changed back to cutesy, “I’ve been practicing at home. It’s really fun….when I’m actually trying to do it.”

“What does it matter to me?” sighed Lizabella outside of their conversation, “I’ll just go with Palutena on this one I guess…”

Ying turned to face Lizabella. “I know you’ve lost every match. But if you try really hard… you MIGHT beat Marisa for second.”

Lizabella took a deep breath and looked over at Ying, a bit upset at Ying’s comeback but also somewhat nonchalant.

“Bitch. Please. I don’t give up so easily. Nope, not THIS skunkette. Alright enough fooling around! Let’s do this!”

Lizabella suddenly had this competitive aura about her. Her eyes had a fiery passion that the other two haven’t seen the entire time they’ve been playing. She snatched up back the GameCube controller that she tossed earlier and firmly grasped it in her hand.

“I think it’s time for us to mothafuckin’ SMASH!”


As the girl’s went for another round of smash, Yuki was having fun learning how to play Animal Crossing from Jessica. The two of them sat on Yuki’s bed, their backs propped up by the collection of pillows by the head rest.

“Hehe, I really like this!” Yuki stated as she got more and more into the gameplay.

“I told you it’s cool,” Jessica replied, “I love Rocco and Cherri. They’re like my favorite animals. Plus that Isabelle is definitely a cutie.”

“Yeah! And you have a nice house too!” Yuki began exploring the various rooms in Jessica’s virtual home. “Hey, how much ca-”


Yuki froze suddenly, but she quickly recuperated and kept playing, forgetting she was in the middle of asking a question. She was now only hoping that Jessica didn’t hear her stomach rumble. Too bad Jessica was already grinning at her while uncomfortably moving her head closer to hers.

“Heh heh...are you feeling okay there Yuki?” Jessica asked rhetorically.

“Ye-yes.” She replied nervously. Her cheeks reddened. “Actually, you can play. I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Oh what a coincidence,” Jessica said, “I also have to go to the bathroom. You don’t mind right?” She grinned even wider.

Yuki’s mouth was agape. She wasn’t sure how to respond, her eyes darting from left to right.

“Uh… you can go ahead first! I’ll wait here until you’re done!”

“Yuki,” Jessica said almost sincerely, “One way or another I’m gonna hear that amazing ass of yours blow a loud one. Might as well get it over with.”

“You’re doing it on purpose!?” Yuki’s back straightened. Now looking down at the younger girl. “Why?!”

“Because you have to feel more comfortable with yourself,”

“But I am comfortable.” Yuki looked down and away from Jessica. “Just not with… you know.”

Jessica pouted, “Come on, at least once. Hell I’ll even be more polite myself.” She then muttered under her breath, “Around you at least.”

“But…” Yuki frowned. “Why do you want to hear it that badly? It’ll… it’ll be stinky…”

“And?” Jessica asked, raising an eyebrow, “ Look you’re talking to a girl that uses farting as a martial art. I don’t care about it being stinky. I’ve always been curious of how some girls fart when I see them. And yours I’m definitely curious about. Come on now Yuki.” Jessica eventually smiled, hoping to comfort Yuki’s embarrassment, “Just once. Don’t hold back.”

Awkward silence quickly befell.

“You do what???”

“Whatever, that’s not the point. But please Yuki?”

Yuki’s stomach rumbled again, her face contorted with the discomfort in her stomach. She sighed, defeated. “O...kay…” She answered, giving in.

“YES-...I mean thank you Yuki.” Jessica then hopped right in front of Yuki on the bed. “I’m all ears.”

Yuki pursed her lips and timidly looked away. Obviously not into all the direct attention for what she needed to do. But she still did, reluctantly so, as she pressed her hands into the sides of her bed to slightly raise her bottom off the sheets.


It began quickly like a small animal whine, until it suddenly broke into an unladylike rumble that sent a sharp vibration through the bed. Yuki yelped from the rude, unexpected noise and clenched her cheek. Effectively cutting her three seconds fart short for what it could have been.

“I’m! I’m sorry! Excuse me!” She pleaded.

Jessica gawked in awe, “Woah...that was amazing! Though it sounded like you cut it a bit short. Seriously. I won’t judge you if you go as much as you can. I’m sure Ying would have reacted the same way.”

“But…” Yuki’s eyes widened as the smell of stale cheese and a rotting peach farm hit her nose. Knowing Jessica would be smelling it soon enough, she began waving her arms to franticly evaporate the smell. “Hold your breath! Don’t breathe!”

Jessica did the exact opposite. She took a deep whiff of the horrible smell, and with the exception of a few coughs, she happily sighed. “Wow! That’s potent! And you still have more left??” Jessica went over to hug Yuki. “That’s awesome!”

“No wait!” Yuki tried to refuse but she got it hugged outta her.


Her amble cheeks rumbled through a roller coaster of tones as she felt Jessica squeeze the immediate gas out from her bowels. Though muffled by the bed, it still sounded like half the brass section practicing an array of notes for a concert. At its loudest points, the fart resounded clearly through the bedroom. Jessica slowly freed Yuki from her grasp, but her eyes glowed.

“...Yuki. That was the greatest thing I’ve heard and-” Before she could continue, the smell sucker punched the blue haired girl. The tangy stench of rotten peaches returned, only it struck her nose with a potency comparable to a rotten fruit salad which had been fermenting in the summer sun for days next to a decomposing dairy cow. When she breathed it in, it took her by surprise at how much was going on in her nose. It was definitely more potent than she expected from someone as shy as her and she was more than pleased with what just happened. In fact, she started giggling like a little school girl and hopping up and down the bed out of joy.

“Uh… Jessica?” Yuki asked as she watched the young girl hop around her room. “Are you… okay?”

“Heheh-huh?” She stopped herself and started to blush a bit herself, “Sorry...I was just so excited. I’ve never heard or smelt anything that...amazing before. Oh my god if I was able to do what you just did, I would literally be the best in Onara-jutsu, as I call it.”

“Fart… jutsu??”

“Oh cool you can speak japanese?....why didn’t I get that from your name? But yeah. That. It’s a super cool fighting style that’s based around the ass and its lovely sounds.” During her explanation, she practically shoved her ass in Yuki’s face but decided not to burst another fart in her face to be a bit more polite.

“Eek!” Yuki whined as she pushed Jessica’s butt out of her face. “That… isn’t REALLY a martial art is it?” She looked at Jessica’s excited expression. She wanted to doubt her explanation, but she was serious. “You aren’t joking!?”

“Of course not. Me and my sister are pretty good at it. Want a demonstration?”

“Not on me!” Yuki answered waving her hands.

“Aww...hmm…” She scanned around the room to find a perfect way to demonstrate her abilities. She spied a big teddy bear that happened to be over in the corner of the room. “Bingo!”

“Wait! You’re going to do it on Kimmy!?” Yuki frowned, concerned for her childhood friend.

“Don’t worry I’m not going to kill it or damage it, at least not much so that its significant. Just show off a bit of my moves. Is that okay? Or would you rather me do it on you instead?”

Yuki’s shoulders lowered a bit. “Oh… okay?” She said still somewhat adamant about what may be happening.

“I’ll do something simple.”

Jessica place the bear in front of her feet and assumed the position. But then she stopped herself and remembered something important. She bowed courteously and assumed the position. She did a swift leg sweep to lift the bear off of the ground and kicked it from underneath to lift it higher up. She then quickly turned around, smacked the bear into her ass and placed her other hand on the back of oh his head to keep him in place. She gave her little butt a shake before blasting the bear with a force that made it shake frantically. The noise it made was equivalent to a tuba blowing the lowest possible note. The smell itself couldn't overpower Yuki's previous fart, but it came close with its rotten milk and rotten fish scent. She finished her demonstration by sitting on the bear and rubbing it in a bit. Then she got up off of it and took a good look at it. It reeked but not much damage sustained the bear upon closer inspection. She then handed back the bear to Yuki. “It was a small demonstration I know but I hope that gives you a taste of what I can do.”

Yuki coughed as she held her nose. She gently placed the bear on the floor, rather wait for it to ‘air out’ of Jessica’s gas. “That was *cough* interesting. I don’t know how I could’ve impressed you with that.”

“It's cuz yours was 10 times bigger than mine! I wish I had your farting ability.” She hopped back on the bed.
And Yuki was blushing again. “Don’t say that…” She replied modestly. “It wasn’t THAT large.”

“Wait that wasn't large to you?! You mean you've had farts bigger than that?!!” Jessica's curiosity seem to overtake her.

“No wait! That’s not what I…!” Yuki waved her hands in an embarrassed panic. “That’s not what I meant!”

After a while, Jessica calmed down. “Sorry. I got really curious. Heh...I guess I'm a lot like my sister in that regard.”

Yuki stuffed her hands in her lap. “Why… are you so curious about… flatulence?”
Jessica brought her hand on her chin, “You know why? It's cuz I wanna be the best farter and Onara-justu user ever! And my sister as the second best. I really like finding people who are better than me.” She winked over at Yuki's direction.

“I am quite willing to let you assume that you are better than me.” Yuki giggled shyly.

“Psshh...fine then,” she scoffed, “Suit yourself. But I don't think you realize how good your farts are.”

“But they…” Yuki sighed. “They definitely are not as big as Ying’s. I guess I’m just comparing myself to her.” She frowned further. “I’m pretty gassy… compared to an average girl…”

Jessica gave her another hug, this time not spontaneously. “I don’t think you should. I mean I haven’t heard Ying’s farts outside of that one at the table, Think about it. I’m only slightly more gassy than the average girl, but you’re much gassier than I am. I think you’re just as gassy as my little sister, as also as adorable.”

Yuki began some sort of laughing sob. Feeling Jessica wasn’t quite understanding how she felt. “I’m not jealous though!” Her awkward chuckling turned into a full on laugh as she hugged her back. “I’m not proud of my gas. Its more embarrassing and uncomfortable than anything.”

“Uncomfortable?” Jessica asked, "It's the most relieving thing next to shitting!"


“....I mean pooping,” she rubbed the back of her head and chuckled nervously, “Sorry. But you know what? I ain't gonna make you love farting. But sometimes you should be proud of your own fumes, especially if other people praise it.”

“You are the ONLY…” Ying came to mind. Then her mother. “There are VERY few people I know who would praise my… flatulence.”

“Man you're even too shy to say the word ‘fart’. But believe me, a lot of people who don't know me and don't know that I fart as big as I do think I’m disgusting and should be more ‘proper’. And to them I said, ‘Fffffuuu- screw that! I don’t care what you all think of me!’ And now I'm like an awesome fighter while also farting most wherever. Keep that in mind next time you get the urge to fart around me or your sister.”

A smile crept across Yuki’s face. “I’m happy that you are so free spirited. Like Ying. Letting nothing get in your way of who you are.”
Jessica's signature smirk stretched across her face.

“I'm glad you think that way.”






“Lizzy,” Marisa pleaded, “Calm down please...".


Ying sat quietly as Lizabella vented her frustration. She could relate to her anger. A certain rainbow colored environment from another Mario inspired game came to mind. After a while, Lizabella began to calm down. She looked away in thought for a while before finally an idea popped into her head. She turned to face both of the girls to make her suggestion.

“How about we play a different game then?”

“I second that,” Marisa quickly answered Ying.

“Well how about a game I know I can win at?” Lizabella stated almost eerily nonchalantly.
Ying shrugged. Ignoring how Lizabella responded. “Alright. You pick the game.”

“Gotcha. The game is...” Lizabella then shoved her ass in Ying’s face and lifted her tail up. “Farting!”


Lizabella barely need any force to erupt a massive eight second long monster. The sound shot off like a rocket and then hurdled back into a wet motor that rumbled loudly. The stench was quite an interesting combination of rotting meats and broccoli and a covering of skunk aroma and quickly engulfed the basement in its fumes. Marisa coughed quite a bit from not being near the source as the smell spread quickly to her.

“Psh, you want to start the farting contest now?” Ying was beaming with a smile. Before getting a reply, she lifted one of her plump cheeks off the floor.


The floor shook, just how Marisa anticipated. Ying’s fart roared out like a tuba as if it were playing off the floor itself, only deeper. Through her equally long blast of gas, the slight undertone of slapping denim from her cheeks rippling against her jeans. She continued to grin through the duration of the fart, but didn’t look very relieved once it ended. Only satisfied that she matched Lizabella. The smell on the other hand was arguable. Still her signature odor, but it was tough fighting against Lizabella’s skunk infused stench.

Lizabella turned around, impressed that she could be matched but still smiled deviously.

“Decent. But I think I can still top it." She rubbed her belly a bit and it practically roared back at her. “Oh look at that, there is more in there.”

“Haha, go for it!” Ying was still grinning, unphased. “You haven’t given me a reason to try yet either.” Lizabella clenched her teeth. “Oh you'll see Ying..,.” She then turned back around and bent over and without even a second to grunt...


It started out much like the last one did but lasted about five seconds longer. And kept roughly same smell but amplified the skunk smell. However the second one was definitely louder than the first and much more wet. It stayed like this for a good fifteen seconds and blasted out her previous horrible aroma with one that was roughly thirteen times more potent. Marisa feigned consciousness and tried to wrap her tail around herself. She made her tail glow pink to try and keep her from passing out. She wanted to see this but she didn't expect for it to be such a war between masters of their own craft. And it only just begun!

Ying narrowed her eyes as she slightly bent forward in her seated position on the floor. She could tell Lizabella barely tried to push her last two large farts and she wanted to prove she could do just as well. Only… she was running out of what she had in her tank initially. The food Yuki and Marisa made not digested enough yet to give her a new load of gas. Regardless, she used the smallest amount of force possible to open her spincer inside her jeans.


It began somewhat bassy as it rippled through her jeans, sounding like a moped revving up. After a half dozen seconds the pitch changed to turn into a more denim rippling sound similar to that of a lawnmower as it fluctuated in pitch as it ran over bumps on the lawn. The fart overall wasn’t very loud compared to the others ripped that day so far. That was until Ying gave in to just easing it out and flexed her juicy butt muscles.


The basement began to resound with the deafening tone of Ying’s ongoing fart. It was a rare site to witness as it was one of the few of Ying’s farts which had the volume to ring eardrums but didn’t carry the bass of a subwoofer. Instead, her fart which had concluded at an impressive twenty-eight seconds was like forest of oak trees being cut in half with one massive ongoing swipe. No doubt the loudest fart in the competition so far as well as possibly being the longest. At least for now.

Ying changed her position on the floor to sit on her knees, her plump backend resting on her feet. She smirked at Lizabella and laughed as she waved her meaty stench towards Marisa, who already seemed to be hanging on by a thread through the contest so far. Marisa couldn't move but if she could show Ying how much power and smell was packed into it, it would be through her hair being ruffled. She took a few breaths of the tainted air around her and she sighed almost too pleasurably. The combined stenches of the two girls created this awkward but yet somehow tantalizing middle ground that the catgirl's nose, albeit cringing, could not get enough of.

“Heh, hows that one?” Ying asked, fully confident in herself.

Marisa grunted to lift up her head to look at Ying. She smiled widely and furiously nodded her head, at least as furiously as she could due to the lack of clean air around her. Lizabella turned to Ying, grinning at her again while hiding a sense of shock that Ying could have all of that gas just naturally.

‘Man,..she’s good,’ she thought to herself, ‘That girl’s got a lot of gas. Hell she’s catching up to me pretty quickly. ...Hmm...Very well. If she wants a show, then I’ll give her a show. I just hope I have enough before I end up having to use my last resort...’

“Okay Ying,” the skunkette finally said, “You’re pretty good. For a girl. However, Maybe it’s time that you hear what a TRUE lady would sound like.” She then spun around and gave her large booty a smack, rippling her jeans. “My way of course.”

She hopped up and down a bit and rubbed her belly to get a sense what was left. There wasn’t much as she started with but she believed it would be enough to prove her point. Lizabella took a slight bow forward and then it began.


It started out much like Ying's previous fart; a puff into a low rumbling gurgle that echoed throughout the basement.


The grumble then roared to life, causing Lizabella to bend even further over from just its force alone. The roar was akin to a motorbike starting up and it soon broke 20 seconds.


Her butt then turned into a makeshift wind tunnel as the roar of the fart morphed into a powerful gust of air. Marisa's eyes widened at what she was hearing, let alone seeing.


The roar ended with a sort of sputter that, at the very least, left Marisa even more speechless than she was already. The fart definitely broke Ying's time, by almost twice that amount! Lizabella let out a relieving sigh, however once she took a deep breath she immediately covered her nose, however only for a brief moment. All throughout the duration of her fart, its stench was almost indescribably horrible. The skunkette’s signature skunk smell was ever present however the smell became much more meaty and even fishy as the fart went through various different changes. Lizabella stood back up and looked over at Ying, smirking with total confidence.

“Now THAT! Is how you fart like a lady.”

Ying gulped quietly. Lizabella was showing her just how wrong it may have been to challenge a skunkette. Sure, she knew she would probably have some major stink to her. Heck, she felt her eyes on the verge of tearing up after Lizabella’s last one. But she didn’t expect her to have so much gas. Nearly a minute long fart, she suspected. Those were rare, even for her.

“Heh, nice…” Ying replied, her voice struggled to keep its confident tone. She lowered her hand to her stomach and felt the bulk of food moving around inside her. Soon… soon she would be giving Lizabella a REAL challenge… she hoped.
Games Gassy Girls Play Part 3
So the girls downstairs are still smashing it up, while the girls upstairs are having some fun of their own. However, it doesn't look like Lizabella's really liking how things are turning out so far.

Ying and Yuki belong to :iconthedrifter91:

Story Parts:

PART 1:…

PART 2:…

PART 3: You're already reading it!!

PART 4:…

PART 5:…

PART 6:…
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
The basement was a gas chamber where no lungs were safe. And to the astonishment of would be many, it was thanks to the bowels of two simple, if not charismatic, girls. One of them, being Ying, was unfortunately on the bottom end (Pun intended) of the competition. Her farts having become reduced to shorter raspy rips from their former boisterous and bassy emissions. It almost seemed as though she had run out, coming closer and closer to the point of desperation to find her second wind. Yet no matter how hard she would push now, it didn’t seem likely to arrive.

The voluptuous skunkette stood over Ying, nearly about to gloat while she rested her hands upon her wide hips. The slightly pudgy neko stared at the two “duking” it out, her tail wrapped around her also keeping her conscious. Her temper, much like her adoration for Ying’s butt and her fumes, was raising extremely high.

“Give up now?” she asked seductively, “It’s okay to admit defeat every once in a while.”

“I’m not gonna say it again…” Ying glared up at her before rising to her feet. Too headstrong to give up her pride and announce defeat. Lizabella chortled objectively.

“Hoh hoh hoh hoh...boy are you stubborn. What’s it going to take for you to just give up? You know I’m going to win.”

“LIZABELLA!!” shouted a pretty miffed Marisa, “Will you stop it?!”

“Stop what Miss Neko Bitch?” Lizabella retorted. “You’ve done nothing but stay in your little corner while I was about to whoop ass!”

“ nose can only take so much of your concentrated STENCH!!”

“Who cares? As long as this girl learns her lesson I don’t care.”

“But I do!” Marisa then unwrapped her tail around her and glared at Lizabella hard. Her tail suddenly turned from pink to silver. The cat girl quickly jumped up and threw her tail down on Lizabella’s noggin. DIRECT HIT! The skunk girl knelt down, grabbing her head and whining about it.


“Well that’s what you get for torturing my Yingie,” Marisa backsassed as she walked over to Ying, coughing with every step she took closer.

“Hehe. Sorry about her. Do you want to get her back? Cuz I can help you with that.” she winked at Ying.

“Help me?” Ying looked concerned about the suggestion of help. Again, her pride getting in the way. “Help, how?” She whispered back.

Marisa raised her hand, a wand dangling from her fingertips.
“This for starters.” Marisa giggled, whereas Lizabella stopped moaning and immediately searched her pockets for her Skunkspell caster. But it was definitely swiped from her.


“While you were complaining about your ‘surprise’ headache Lizzy.” Marisa interrupted.
She smiled and tilted her head to the side while twitching her ears in an adorable manner, “You were a tad distracted.”

Ying frowned. “But… it wouldn’t be fair then.”

“Psh!” Marisa scoffed, “She was going to use it anyway.”

Lizabella froze, “W-What?....”

Marisa quickly turned her head and gave her friend a death stare, “You were going to use it. I know you too well you bitch.”

She turned back to Ying and grinned with an eerie childlike innocence saying, “So yeah it’s up to you.”

Ying looked at the wand, then back at Lizabella. “You were… going to cheat?”

Lizabella looked away, saying nothing. Marisa pointed at Lizabella and started teasing her in singsong, “Cheater. Cheater. You couldn’t beat her.”

Ying’s eyes narrowed, filled with the heat of her anger. “You were going to CHEAT to WIN!?” Her voice resounded throughout the room.

“.....But I already won. I wasn’t gonna use it unless you came back from your loss….” Lizabella tried to reason.

“So it’s your trump card…” Ying looked down at the wand, then down past at her ample breasts and her stomach let out a ferocious growl. She looked back at Lizabella with a smirk tugging at the side of her mouth. “Sounds like I AM about to come back. Think you want to use it?”
Lizabella babbled nonsense under her breath in fear, then she scurried over to Marisa.



“T-OWW!!” Lizabella screamed as her head was thrown back into the floor by Marisa’s tail once again.

“You’ve had your fun Liz,” Marisa said, “Ying if you would do the honors…”

“I’d be honored to.” Ying replied with her signature grin beaming. She ran her hand over the subtle curve of her belly, giving it a couple pats of encouragement. She felt like a steam engine express was ready to go and her anus was the station. Then, in a humorous sumo-like fashion, she slapped her thigh and squatted down to unleash was she hoped would be a beastly fart.


Like a train speeding down the tracks, Ying’s fart sent shuddering vibrations throughout the lower floor of the house. Her signature baritone sound was back with booty cheek rippling vengeance as the gas surged through the fabric of her jeans. For a brief moment, Ying was concerned for the safety of her denim pants. But the fear quickly faded as the rush of sweet relief filled her body. The noise of trombones playing at their lowest notes resounded throughout the basement for the better half of a minute. It ending up not being one of the longest farts in the contest, but in overall quality, it was a contest ending bout of flatulence. Lizabella froze in shock once more.

“What?! How can you still have more in that tank of yours? I thought you were finished and needed to shit!”

“Heh yeah.” Ying still grinning. “The food we had just hit so I’m all full.”

“But I thought what you had was from the food...” Lizabella replied in a much softer voice than what she usually boasts.

“I thought I told you. I was fighting with the gas I built up from breakfast and mostly held in school.” If at all possible, her confident grin grew wider. “Now that lunch is pretty digested, I’m ready for round two!”

As Ying’s grin grew wider, Lizabella’s own confidence, as well as her pupils, shrunk. She had surely underestimated Ying’s gas. She scowled at Ying and tried to get up, only to have Marisa’s tail come short at her face
“You wanna go again Lizzy?” Marisa sneered before walking away and looking at the Skunkspell Caster. Lizabella groaned and slammed her fists on the ground in a fit. Then she stopped for a moment and thought of it. From what she had witnessed, Ying’s gas only matched Lizabella’s.

‘There’s no way that she could beat that!’ she thought to herself, ‘Her best only matched my best. I’ve still got it in the bag.’ Lizabella arose with new confidence in her that almost barely matched Ying’s.


Marisa had long since made her tail stop glowing and looked hard at the Caster in her clutch, and an idea had formed in her head.

“Wait? For what?” Ying asked, measuring up Marisa’s expression to guess her thoughts.

“I haz idea!” she perked up and looked over at Ying. “I was wondering what might happen if I zapped both of you with this thingy. I know Lizzy can make herself really gassy with this, and I was wondering how much more gassy it can make the both of you!” She giggled at the thought of it. More so with Ying than with Lizabella.

Ying had mixed feelings of excitement and cautious curiosity. “Really? Heh, think that you’ll be safe if you did that?”

“My tail can keep me conscious for long enough hopefully.” She silently gulped to herself, not fully realizing what she’s getting into. But she looked ay Ying with, oddly enough, puppy dog eyes as she really wanted to try this out.

“Heh, well then.” Ying smiled. Though she now felt like she couldn’t decline her best neko friend this opportunity. “I guess Yuki will be hearing us from upstairs from down here.”
“YAY~!” Marisa hopped up and down with glee. “This is gonna be sweet!”

Marisa took the Star-like Rod and softly chanted something into it. The Caster instead glowed a faint but dark green. Marisa first aimed the rod at Lizabella and soon shot out a green beam right in the skunkette’s chest. And then she aimed at Ying and shot a beam right at her chest as well. Lizabella grunted in pain and fell to the ground for a second before looking up at her friend.

“How in the FUCK did you learn that?!” Lizabella said shocked.
Marisa looked away, obviously guilty of something. “I may have overheard you casting that spell at one point or another…”

Lizabella was going to complain some more but soon the spell started to take affect. The sound of her stomach gurgling filled the room and even came a bit as a shock to her. Her belly also seemed to expand outward slightly with the amount of gas that was being brewed in there. And with Lizabella’s curvaceous figure, it was merely adding another curve. The gas that was inside the skunkette felt way more concentrated in her belly than the food had given her. In fact, after about 5 seconds a really loud but sharp sounding fart burst from her rear without any warning. If Lizabella cared about how Ying’s nose, she might have been embarrassed about it. But instead she chuckled and stood up once again, feeling even more confidence than before.

Ying was riding in the same boat, only her sudden bursts of uncontrolled and unsuspected flatulence send rolling thunder through the room with a trip of three second long farts. Her stomach bloated further than before, causing her face to slightly contort with discomfort as she felt her bowels literally expand with gallons of gas.

“Ugh, whoa! What the…” Ying groaned as she grabbed her belly to coax it from the stretching.
Lizabella chuckled while her belly continued to expand outward.
“H-Heh...witness the power of Lizabella Kunsk- PHHHOOOOT!!” Lizabella dared not to blush in embarrassment as her gloating was interrupted.

Ying laughed at her, resulting in a chain of powerful bursts of flatulence from her backside which brought her back to the concern for her still expanding stomach. “Ohh damn…” She groaned as she walked over the the couch and plopped down upon it. A lengthy blast of floor shaking flatulence released into the couch as she landed.

“Ugh, when will this stop?” She groaned as she cradled her belly like a pregnant woman.

“You wanna know when it ends?” Lizabella sneered, “When the shit hits the fan. Or in this case, the fanny.” Immediately after she finished her statement, another loud fart broke loose, this time almost as forceful as Ying's previous one.

“Not… really what I meant.” Ying looked down at her ballooning belly with concern, Her shirt having now rose up to her breasts revealing the flawless skin of her abdomen. “I mean, I won’t pop will I?”

“It hasn't happened before right Lizzy??” Marisa said in a cheerful tone with a bit of concern peppered in her phrasing.

“Nope,” she said with complete certainty, “I mean if neko bitch over there used more than like 3 of those blasts then maybe but you should be good, like I said, until the shit hits the fan.”

Ying grinned, relieved. “Well then. I think I’m ready if you are.” She hooked her thumbs into the waist of her jeans and pulled them down to reveal her black, white and blue Gundam panties. Lizabella chuckled some more.

“Don't be too careful or you’ll give miss cat girl here a nosebleed.”

“HEY!” Marisa puffed her cheeks in anger, which were red hot from her blushing.

Ying couldn’t help laughing with Lizabella. “Heh, it wouldn’t be the first time honestly.”

“Yiiiiiiiing!!” Marisa lowered her head, which was hotter than ever.

“Oh sorry Marisa!” Ying rolled forward to get off the couch and hug Marisa, only for a massive gust of backwind to rumble out of her.


It was like opening the front door with a windstorm blowing by. Ying’s wedgied panties billowed out from her crack as they rippled against the enormous blast. Enormous in the sense of scale, power and length. The walls of the basement seemed to shake as the baritone forced gas reverberated from Ying’s jiggling buttcheeks. Unable to really know what to do with the surprise gas, Ying simply moaned with pleasure as she released an amount of gas she rarely had the pleasure of releasing. After breaking the half minute mark, she forced the fart to an airy but still powerful ten second decline before cutting off.

“Holy shit!” Ying exclaimed, only to cover her mouth and nose upon inhaling an otherworldly stench she was not used to. Her eyes instantly watered and she felt like her nose was on fire. The stench created a haze through the room of fumes worse than even her smelliest farts. “Oh man… THAT is bad.”

Both Marisa and Lizabella dropped their jaws in shock and awe at Ying’s monster fart. Marisa immediately wrapped her now glowing tail around her waist and Lizabella just stood there gawking at Ying before the smell punched her like a sack of bricks encased in a safe.

“ACK! Holy Shit!!” Lizabella replied, “Did you try on *cough* that one? That stinks so bad!”

“Woah,” Marisa said afterward, “You actually got Lizabella to complain about your farts? That takes some skill!”

“So I may just be wors-*cough* Than a *cough* sku-*Cough cough* Oh jeez this is bad!!” Ying pulled her shirt over her nose and began to frantically wave her arms in all directions.

Even though Marisa’s tail wrapped was wrapped around her waist, the horrifically awful stench ripped through her nose and burn a mental mark in her nose. She even went and flailed her arms around to try and dissipate the stench. Lizabella took it like a man, or rather a skunk. The stench caught her off guard as well and was worse than anything she’s ever smelled in the past. But what definitely scared her was that she knew that Ying had more in her. And she was afraid that it could get worse before the “shit hit the fan”.

While still waving her arms to fan the smell… nowhere really, Ying walked over to Marisa to give her the apologetic hug she had rose to do. Marisa took the hug and purred softly, amongst the coughing from her friend behind her shoulder. As they embraced, Ying hiked up one of her legs, knowing her butt was directed at Lizabella not too far away. A loud *BRAPTT!* shot out from her bottom and hit Lizabella like a raunchy summer breeze. Ying looked over her shoulder with a wide grin.

“Ready to lose?” Ying asked with her steely confidence radiating from her.

Lizabella coughed and waved the waft away, glaring at Ying from afar. However instead of a scowl, she took a deep breath and chuckled under her breath. Then she turned around and bent slightly which soon caused an equally loud *BRAPLT!!* to blow its way towards Ying and afterwards matched Ying’s wide grin.

“Heh. Don’t talk about yourself so modestly.”


The subtle purring of what could be mistaken for an atrociously fat cat was heard up in Yuki’s room. Only the purring noise was coming from a lengthy emission of flatulence from the innocent proper speaking girl. Lying on her side, she effortlessly released the gas without any restrictions and still kept a straight face through its entirety as she played on Jessica’s 3DS. A full fourteen seconds of purring reverberations sent out through her leggings, causing her to giggle from impressing herself and followed up by her adorable apology.

“Hehe, excuse me!”

“Heh, you’re definitely excused Yuki,” Jessica replied, laying behind Yuki and taking each fart as they come. The slight force of Yuki’s gas pushed Jessica’s miniskirt inward a bit.

“That was a nice one. I’ll see if I can match it later.” She rubbed her own butt, feeling the pressure of gas on her backdoor albeit a bit of a weak pressure.

“Hehe we don’t have to compete. I guess if you want to out… poot me you are free too.”

“I ain’t tryin’ to compete with you,” Jessica laughed while patting Yuki on the head, “Farting with friends is just something that I like to do. And your farts are great.”

The various sounds of connecting blows could be heard coming from the handheld system, making Jessica constantly lean over Yuki’s shoulder to check on the action.

“Ooh. Playing Smash are we?”

“Yeah.” Yuki replied happily as she seemed to effortlessly kick her enemies off of the stage into violent pillars of light.

“Wow, you’re good.” Jessica complimented, “Man you should totally get a 3DS that way we can play against each other. Who are you playing as?”

“I think I might! It has a lot of really fun games!” Yuki giggled as the match ended and the announcer shouted through the speakers.


“Hehe, that’s who I was playing as.”

“Oh man. She’s a badass. I honestly thought you were gonna go for someone like Peach or Jigglypuff,” she stopped herself and tried to save herself for what she said. “N-Not that I think you’re bad or anything...

“I was actually. But I haven’t seen this Zero-suit version of her before.” She explained, pointing at the screen. o

“Yeah it’s a long story that nobody really likes to tell. Like I said she’s a badass. A sexy badass. She even has a whip! That’s so COOL!!”

“Yeah! I like playing as her a lot!” Yuki rolled over to face Jessica and extended her hand with the 3DS. “You you like to play? I don’t mind watching  for a round.”

“SWEET! Now I can show you how good I am at this game.”

She took the 3DS from Yuki very slowly and politely, instead of yanking it from her hands like she usually would, and sat up so Yuki could see better. On the character select screen she picked one of the koopalings, one by the name of Wendy O’Koopa. Jessica snickered as she soon said, “Sexyest character in the game by far.”

Yuki sat with her legs crossed next to Jessica  and looked over to see the screens. Her shoulder brushing against the other. “Hehe, good luck!”

“I won’t even need it!” She picked 3 other random computer players and selected Gaur Plains.

“This place is so fuuu-” she felt Yuki’s glare next to her mid sentence, “-uuun Fun! That’s what I was going to say. FUN!” She chuckled nervously.

“That’s what I knew you were going to say.” Yuki smiled.
Jessica sighed as the announcer had announced the start of the match.

“Oh boy, R.O.B, Robin and….SEXY SHIRTLESS SHULK!!” Jessica practically squealed with joy as she started to get pummeled by Robin.

Yuki happily watched Jessica’s match. Quietly analyzing her tactics and strategies to see what she could learn from her. Then there was that pesky gas she still had rolling through her bowels. There was no count on how many farts she had released since being reassured that Jessica was okay with it, but what was for certain, was she was going to be raising that number.


For six seconds, starting off with a short punctual rip and followed by a soft rumbling continuation. Yuki slightly angled one of her round cheeks to release a six second poot of gas into the sheets of her bed. It was loud enough to be heard clearly, but she wasn't sure if Jessica would comment on it. Wondering just how focus her young friend was on Smashing. Oddly enough, the smell of the gas was enough to snap her out of her trance of Shulk’s outfit and actually concentrate on not losing. She was soon to thank Yuki but she was stopped by almost being flung off screen. She quickly thought to use Wendy’s Clown Kart move to zoom back to the stage.

“ Yuki. Now I’m back in the game.”

“You’re welcome?” Yuki blinked curiously. Not quite sure what she did to help. “Was it… my poot?”

“It was actually. Heh, now your farts have practical use.”

“...huh??” Yuki sounded even more perplexed. “Did it… help you focus somehow?”

Jessica replied enthusiastically as her eyes continued to be glued at the screen, smashing Robin upward and having him smack the fourth wall of the game.

“YEAH! Suck it Robin!!”

“Heh, well that’s good I guess…” Yuki murmured quietly. Not that she was embarrassed again. But she felt the strong urge to help Jessica play. Only, being the double edged sword it would be, the tool for helping would be her flatulence. Ignoring the still lingering smell of her previous rotten veggie fart, she carefully watched Jessica’s attacks.

Jessica was having a ton of fun pummelling the golden robot with the Clown Car’s boxing gloves over and over again, racking up a lot of damage. She practically cackled at the game with how high of a percentage R.O.B had. Then she completed the combo punch with a powerful thrust which sent the Robot flying to the side, viciously exploding into a column of light.

“Holy crap! I’m doing so well!” she cheered, “When I get in the mood, NOBODY can beat Jess!”

She occasionally deeply inhaled Yuki’s fart gas which in a way kept her sights on destroying the opponent. Yuki happily clapped for her gaining another small victory against an opponent.

“Hehe, you are really good!”
“Thanks Yuki,” Jessica replied as she briefly turned away from the screen.

Shirtless Shulk took this time to catch Wendy off guard and activated his Buster Art. He immediately started to deal a lot of damage to Wendy, breaching 100%. Jessica quickly turned her head back to the screen and noticed that she was getting beaten up and “waggled” the Circle Pad to try and get out of his vicinity. But it was too late, Shulk smashed Wendy far off screen and was soon to explode.

“Crap crap crap CRAP!”


Yuki’s rear promptly sounded off just when it needed to with the farts propelled by three varied reasons. The first, was a loud poot of shock, worried for Jessica as she was knocked away. The next was ripped out of reflex and habit. Knowing she had more to release but let it out with more control, having it softly puff into the bed. And then the last. The deliberate, the one to bring Jessica back from the brink. Beginning with a soft airy release, she squinted her violet eyes to force out a surprising amount of gas. Shooting out from her buns with the force of a small air cannon, having caused her bedsheets behind her to ripple as the room filled with the sound of a hedge trimmer. Jessica’s ears caught the sound of Yuki’s farts and her nose prompted to inhale the three bursts of gas, once again heightening the blue-haired girl’s focus. She quickly executed the Kart form of the Clown car and saved herself, while also smacking Shulk into the distance, killing him in the process.

“OH YEAH! Thanks again Miss Adorable,” Jessica complimented, giving Yuki’s bottom a playful slap before her eyes were once again glued to the screen. Yuki blushed as Jessica sent ripples through her butt cheeks. Her lips curled into a frown as her cheeks puffed out adorably.

“I’m not adorable…” She replied with a cute squeak of a whine, “Mmm, and excuse me.”

“Hah. That’s like saying I’m not a girl.” Jessica patted Yuki on the head softly before returning to her game.

She thought it was interesting how Yuki’s farts gave her this adrenaline rush and it helped her to concentrate on fighting. While she was playing she thought about how her own fighting techniques might factor into this but soon mentally glossed it over. However R.O.B soon came up and smashed Wendy off screen immediately.

“Aww shhhugar snap peas I got killed anyway!” Jessica pouted for a brief moment before realizing that she still has more stock than the other guys. “Oh right. Now I’m at full health and STILL winning!”

“Hehe, yeah you’re still doing fine!” Yuki supported by giving her a pat on the back.

“Heh this is going better than I expected.”

Suddenly the in-game crowd gasps as the Final Smash Ball popped into the foreground. And as such, every character scrambled after it. R.O.B tried to flail his robot arms at it while it came close while Robin tried attacking it with an Arc Fire which did quite a bit of damage to it. and Shulk, with his Speed Art active, wailed away at it himself. Yuki began to bounce subtly where she sat as the fight looked like it was reaching its climactic finish. The blood running through her veins and the gas surging through her bowels, going mostly unnoticed as she focused on the battle. Wendy came into the bunch and started attacking the smashball as well and it was about to burst, but Robin stole the last blow and was now infused with the smash ball’s power. Jessica tensed up as she quickly fled from Robin who was oddly enough chasing her down. She tried to shake him off by using her recovering move to not only escape but to try and remove the Smash Ball from his possession.

“No! Nonononononono oh NO YOU DON’T ROBIN!!” Jessica said, almost in gamer rage mode as she tried using her Mechakoopas to travel along and do damage. Too bad that Robin was on the other side of the map and the Mechakoopas merely turned back around and blew up Wendy.
“Oh no!” Yuki gasped. Covering her mouth in intense suspense. Minor wet puffs of gas emitting from her buns with little noise but plenty of odor. Cheeks clenched only enough to keep back the bubbling bulk of her gas within her bowels.
Jessica was getting frightened that Robin might use his Final Smash on Wendy. R.O.B and Sulk were fighting each other on the lower levels of the stage, so it was basically a one-on-one between Wendy and Robin.

“Mhh, Jess…” Yuki muttered as she wiggled her bottom from side to side. Wanting to give her the boost she may have needed. Only she was nervous as she was unsure of how much control she would have on the outflow. Small rapid fire farts still forcing their way out through her leggings. Soon a smell came into Jessica’s nostrils that Jessica didn’t expect, but nonetheless it heightened her senses but only a bit. Jessica charged up her basic special attack as robin came closer to Wendy. Jessica was a bit nervous but confident. She just had to pull it off perfectly. As she was holding down the B button, Jessica looked to Yuki, signaling her to do what she’s been holding back.

“Mmmoooh…” Yuki groaned, but throwing her hesitation to the wind, she wrapped her arm around her slim complaining stomach and leaned over to give her gas free passage into the room.


Yuki’s cheeks were as red as ripe apples as she felt her ample buttcheeks ripple from a fart on a scale larger than she was used to releasing. One would believe a flatulent stallion with horrible bowel problems. The monster blast of flatus seemed endless in its duration and indecisive for the type of sound it wanted to create. Fluctuation through the spectrum of flatulent noises. Beginning like a resonating whoopee cushion deflating to a revving chainsaw which lasted briefly before sounding closer to what could best be described as a troll tearing all the bark off of a massive tree. Regardless of tone, the fart was loud enough to be heard from most of the rooms of the upper floor of the house. Far loud enough to cut out the noise of the Smash game itself. And most importantly, powerful enough to send Jessica's nostrils into sensual overdrive.

“PhhhoooYAAAAAA!!” Jessica screamed as she inadvertently inhaled the foul has that engulfed Yuki's entire bedroom. She released the button at the right moment, sending a fully powered cannon ball right at Robin, knocking the smash Ball out of him and sending it into the air. Wendy then quickly Clown Karted her way over to the smash ball and, of course, smashed it so that she consumed it's power. Jessica was laughing maniacally as she soon unleashed Wendy's Final Smash on the other competitors. Shadow Mario appeared in place of the Koopaling and splattered the fourth wall of the screen with an orange paint-like substance in an X formation. Interestingly enough, every fighter was covered in the paint and they were knocked around in it for a few seconds before the paint dispelled and all the fighters flew upwards, downwards, and all around. Jessica raised her 3DS in joy while still laughing like a drunk hyena when she heard those glorious words.

“Computer Player. Defeated. Computer Player. Defeated.”

Then the announcer stopped.

She quickly realized one fighter still had a single stock left. And it was good ol' Shirtless Shulk that spawned above the pit between the two landforms. Jessica threw no more caution out the window. To her at this point, no matter how hot she thought Shirtless Shulk was, shit had just gotten real.

“Oh my…*PHHHHRRMMMMMMPPPTT!!* Oh goodness. Excuse me. *FfflllrrlrpptPTPTptTPTPTPttttttpt!*...and again.”

Yuki apologized as her bottom continued to sound off. She figured to continue her support for Jessica, seeing the fight potentially coming to an end. Besides her bowels were still working like a gas assembly line so she had plenty supportive gas to give. Jessica briefly looked at Yuki, almost worriedly because of Yuki's uncontrolled bowel movements, however for fear of losing the match she kept her eyes on the game. Jessica looked at Wendy’s percentage, it was near 100%. However, the stench of her friend’s bowel movement surrounded her nose almost completely, which for Jessica only meant more fun smells to whiff.

‘Damn,’ she thought to herself, ‘I wasn’t paying attention to my damage. I better be careful.’

However it seemed like her body and her mind had two totally different ideas because she was trying really hard to Meteor smash Shulk but was racking damage against her own character because of the lack of dodging. After a while of fighting each other, both of their damage was near 150%. A good hit would knock both of them out. Jessica was breathing hard and fully concentrating on what was going on screen. And then, she made a decision. She dashed forward and jumped up, right as Shulk also dashed forward and jumped at her. Wendy attempted to Smash Shulk down while he tried to smash her to the side. Both of their hits collided with each other, hurling each opponent into their respective directions far off screen. Both characters exploded into a column of light while the “Game!” Text came across the screen. Jessica felt like her heart stopped as she clutched her handheld like she’s never clutched it before.
Then it all went silent as the game loaded the results screen. Jessica was on edge. She didn’t know the results would fare in deciding who the winner would be. However, everything was about to come to light when the results finally came on screen.

Yuki’s arms shot up into the air. “YOU WON!” She cheered. Not even caring for the loud bubbles she ripped from hopping up on the bed. She wrapped her arms around Jessica’s shoulders and shook her with excitement. “I’m so happy you did it! That was so close!”

She exhaled deeply, relieved that she had won and was about to thrust the 3DS into the air before Yuki decided to wrap her arms around her. Jessica’s voice gyrated almost violently as she was shook by Yuki, “ThaaAAAAaaaAAAnks YuuuUUUUuuukiiIIIIiiiiIIII! STOOOoooooOOOOoopp shaaaAAAaaaakiIIIiiiiIIIing meeEEEeeee!”

“Hehe sorry.” Yuki released her and set her palms into her lap. “I’m just so glad! And I helped!” She looked away as she blushed. “In an odd kind of way.”

“Yeah it was odd,” Jessica stated, patting Yuki softly, “But it was helpful. Thank you for your farts you adorable girl you.” She winked at her and thrusted her 3DS into the air, screaming, “I AM THE CHAMPION!!!!!!!!”

“You’re the adorable one between the two of us.” Yuki giggled as she teasingly gave Jessica a pat on her head. She slowly brought her 3DS down with each pat.

“Mmnnnn….” Jessica muttered initially before looking back at the Top Screen, “That was a close match.”

Soon the smell of Yuki’s recent farts caught up with Jessica’s senses. She chuckled and looked at her grinning with a raised eyebrow. “Heh. It also looks like your farts are coming out more often.”

Yuki nearly gasped. Her farts had been on her mind; she was releasing them willingly during Jessica’s match, but she didn’t focus on the stench which now hung around the room until now. Her face quickly turned crimson.

“Do-don’t say that! I-I was doing it for you!” Yuki twiddled her fingers together. “You said they helped…”

“Of course it did!” Jessica laughed out, “I was just teasin’ you.” She pinched Yuki’s cheeks. “Who’s the adorable one now huh?”

Yuki’s eyes narrowed as she puffed her cheeks. Again, she tricked her into being cute. Like she could really help it. Instead of making a vocal comeback, she approached Jessica on her knees, opened her arms and simply fell forward onto the smaller girl as though she were diving.



Yuki giggled as she landed on top of Jessica; her body smothering the still shouting girl and simply laid there like a lifeless body for her to be trapped under.

“Mmmmph!! [Hey!!]” Jessica yelled, muffled by Yuki’s ample breasts, “Mmm Phhhmmmm! [No Fair!]”

Yuki was having a giggling fit. “Hehehe! I can’t hear you! What did you say?” She teased as she continued to squish her young friend.

“Mmmm mmmph mmmmmph!! [God damn it!!] Mmmmphmmmphmmmmmph!! [Fucking large-ass boobs!!]” Jessica squirmed to try to escape, but it seemed like it was no use. She was staying under there for a long while, or at least until Yuki let her free.

She wasn’t sure, but something told Yuki that Jessica wasn’t using appropriate language. She pressed her arms into the bed to push herself up. Releasing Jessica’s head from the confines of her chest. She looked down at Jessica with a disciplinary stare. “What was that you were saying?”

“Huh?” Jessica’s ranting was halted when she could see Yuki’s stabbing scowl right at her.

“Heh...well y-you see. I-I was just complimenting you on h-how well you look….a-and how adorable you are and….and…….wow the room smells nice doesn’t it?” She coughed right after taking in some of the stench without realising it. However, she was lucky Yuki had no proof of what she tried to say while being smothered. Aside from a minor blush, a smile returned to Yuki’s face.

“Hehe, alright!” Yuki answered as she spread her arms to bring her bust back down onto Jessica’s face.


Yuki laughed as Jessica shouted into her breasts. She blushed as well, unable to deny that she actually like the feeling. Just before she was going to release her again, she felt something odd.


“Huh?” Yuki rose up and looked around the room. “What was that?”

As Jessica inhaled deeply to get her breath back from being smothered, she noticed the rumble herself and was confused by Yuki’s statement.

“What? I thought that was you.”

Yuki blushed. “Not this time…”

RrrrrrrrRRRBBBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLle! It felt as though the floor and part of the room were shaking from some sort of outside force.

“What IS that?” Yuki wondered as she rolled off of Jessica.
Jessica sat up on the bed and stretched saying, “I. Don’t. Know.” She then hopped off of the bed and looked at Yuki while walking toward the bedroom door.

“Maybe it’s coming from downstairs?” she suggested. Yuki’s eyes widened with horror while Jessica looked at her confusedly.

“Oh come on Yuki,” she said nonchalantly, resting her arm on the door frame, “What’s the worst that it could be?”

Yuki’s flushed as the worst thing she could think of materialized in her mind. “Heh, oh I’m sure it isn’t that.” She laughed as she bashfully waved her hand.
Games Gassy Girls Play Part 5
I was debating on where to end this part, because leaving it where I decided to is going to leave a HUGE cliffhanger for the "climax" of this story ;) 


Ying and Lizabella's contest seems to be over, however Lizabella seems to have a secret ace up her ass.

Yuki's warmed up to Jessica a bit more, however it seems like it'll be a bit more helpful than she first assumed.

Ying and Yuki belong to :iconthedrifter91:

Story Parts:

PART 1:…

PART 2:…

PART 3:…

PART 4:…

PART 5: You're already reading it!!

PART 6:…
Now that my birthday has passed for a while, it's time to celebrate someone else's birthday that definitely deserves it more than my birthday.

and it is :iconleshawk: <--THIS MAN RIGHT HERE!!!

It's really amazing what he has done in the community. He's an extremely talented artist who has done selfless acts for others and is an extremely nice and hilarious guy to talk to. If I had time, and maybe I might do something in time, I would definitely write or draw some form of a tribute to him. ESPECIALLY since he was the guy that decided to create the picture that you now see as my icon.

Marisa For Girlfartlover by leshawk this one to be exact.

In fact, how this beauty came to bea was that I was going to commission him to draw Marisa. By the time I had asked him, he told me that he was already drawing her; his reason being that I needed a new icon (which was true. I definitely did need a new one. :P) But honestly, I was practically eternally grateful for that act of gratitude. Although it may be a small thing, every time I look at it, it just makes me realize how amazing this guy truly is. 

On behalf of myself and the fart fetish community,

Thank you Leshawk! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! X3
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MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Skin of choice: Brown baby!
Favourite video game characters: Phantom R, Amaterasu and Luigi
Favourite video game character (female): Shantae

Well...that's all I have to say other than join this group. :iconfemalefartstories:

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I really would like a membership so I can do more stuff. It would be great if I got a good amount of points.

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mikeholden88 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Student Writer
Thank you so much for the new fave. ^~^ Appreciate it.

OratorFreeman Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015
Glad that you liked my new story! Thanks for the fave! 
girlfartlover Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015
It was a step out of your comfort zone but well worth it! X3
The-Ch0sen-0ne Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
Happy belated birthday broski! :cake: (Seems I'm pretty bad with the timing on birthday wishes huh? Well, I'm pretty bad with timing in general LOL.)
girlfartlover Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
XD Well even if you are a bit that doesn't make them any less meaningful. Thank you :3
KiddWrites Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Happy belated birthday man. Sorry I couldn't deliver these wishes to you on time; nonetheless I hope you had a blast dude :cake:
girlfartlover Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015
It's quite alright. :D Thanks anyway. X3
syncej Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015
happy birthday
girlfartlover Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015
Thanks for the belated birthday wishes. :3
syncej Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015
no prob
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